Ruffner Appraisals & Consulting offers museum-standard services to large, small, public or private collections to preserve and protect their aesthetic, historic, sentimental and/or financial values. Because each collection is different, our services are specifically tailored to meet your needs.

Appraisal Services

All appraisal reports are USPAP, insurance and IRS compliant appraisals that better educate clients on what they own, facilitate correct insurance coverage, qualify damage losses, provide equitable distribution and facilitate tax and estate planning.

Insurance Coverage

  • Appraise collection to ensure adequate insurance coverage.

Insurance Claims

  • Assess diminution of value of insured property resulting from damage or loss.


  • Prepare USPAP/IRS compliant appraisals for gifted items.

Tax/Estate Planning

  • Issue USPAP/IRS compliant appraisals for estate planning, settlement, and probate.
  • Appraise art and antique assets to ensure equitable distribution.

Collection Management & Art Advisory Services

Often collectors discover that working with a trusted, experienced and professional art advisor streamlines the process and maximizes many of the joys that collecting art can bring. Here is how our services can make this happen:

Know what you own

  • Document and appraise existing art and antique assets for heightened object exposure and value.Service includes a digitized database of essential object information.

Manage what you own

  • Assistance with framing and installation.
  • Evaluation of condition.
  • Collaboration with interior designers.

Education & Research

  • Assistance in developing areas of interest for collectors, both new and experienced.
  • Advice on purchase and sale of works of art both privately and at auction.
  • Market analysis, determination of value and sensitive price negotiation.
  • Representation at auction.